Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Greatland Lantern Battery How Do I Change The Battery Of My Greatland Flashlight Lantern?

How do i change the battery of my greatland flashlight lantern? - greatland lantern battery

It is a flashlight lantern combination. It looks like a large version of the old 6V DC (large square battery terminals with conical springs) flashlight dry cell. But it also has a fluorescent lamp. This is a combo drive. In the former, you simply unscrew the aperture / / diffuser lens / lamp assy to access the battery compartment. This is not moving. I tried several times, and I'm big and strong. So I have a couple of my friends on the big guy. The other end of the battery compartment wat seems to be an access panel / cover. It is inserted into the main body of the car with 4 screws into two thin depth. Very handy for changing the field when it is the intended use. I do not think it's inevitable, just because it is so impossibleCal. I unscrew the screws, but tailpice would't be published. Then I tried to put it in a vise, and put some real torque on the other end (bevel), in vain. I'm beginning to think maybe that is just the coolest, the most available flashlight flashlight combo ever! I think the line of the manufacturer, except that it is a sign of the destination (Great Land). The last piece is a S / N (perhaps?) ZL 02335370

Someone knows what happens to it?

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